Wine Pairing, By Jim Schwabe

What to drink with burgers at your Fourth of July cook-out depends a lot on the weather where you live. If it’s a hot, humid day, an ice-cold beer is hard to beat. Try an IPA (India Pale Ale) or a Czech-style Pilsner. Alternatively, a dry, chilled Rosé will be refreshing and pair well with burgers on a hot day. 

For those who live in cooler climes, Baccarossa Cabernet Sauvignon is a winner with any high protein, rich meat, and these burgers are no exception. 

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The Ultimate Burger! 

The 4th of July is already here and this year it will be a 4-day weekend for most of us. Ready to join in, our newest addition to the crocheted animal kingdom is Roosevelt, pictured above. He’s ready to drink some of that delicious Petit Verdot.

Time to celebrate this great country with food, friends and great wine. For the fourth, we like to keep it simple and do something on the BBQ, and burgers are our favorite. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t keep it that simple. Every year we collect ideas for how to make the best, and sometimes the most outlandish, burger. Yes, we’ve tried huge burgers, but they don’t really satisfy anything other than the first initial shock of seeing a 5 pound burger; big by our home cook-out standards, but you can easily find 150+ pound monsters on the web!

If you can grind your own meat, it’s much better. We typically use chuck roast or beef short ribs. If that is too lean for you, then add a few strips of bacon while you are grinding. Here are some of our past favorites.

Lamb Burger: Ground lamb stuffed with Mozzarella cheese, then grilled.

Pizza Burger: large flat burger topped with cheese, tomatoes, sliced onions and garlic, served open-face on a slice of your favorite bread.

California Burger: Grilled ground beef topped with crumbled bleu cheese, sliced avocado, bacon and sprouts (the sprouts magically transform it into a healthier burger, in case you were wondering).

Doughnut Cheese Burger: Pretty much as it sounds with a glazed doughnut cut in half for the bun. A little sweet for my taste but the kids love them!

Italian Sausage Burger: Italian sausage surrounded by ground beef, grilled in a loaf and sliced into thick burgers, topped with sliced onions and peppers grilled in a BBQ grill basket.

What’s your favorite? Send us your recipe with a picture and we’ll add to this recipe page.

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Happy eating!
Fabulous Fourth of July Burger!!

Ground chuck with Asiago cheese, Balsamic caramelized onions, Butter Lettuce, Roma tomato, bacon, Sriracha sauce, Grey Poupon, a little Mayo, on a whole wheat roll.
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 Fourth of July Burger Mania!
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