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Tarte Au Chocolat (French Chocolate Tart) by Jen Sommerness

by Baccarossa on 02/07/13

Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Tarte Au Chocolat (French Chocolate Tart) By Jen Sommerness

When thinking of desserts, especially for Valentine’s Day, my thoughts instantly go to chocolate. I am convinced this recipe is one that you will fall in love with.

The day that I learned this recipe, I was at a cooking class in Paris all day, and my husband and I also had plans to go out for dinner and to the Opera to celebrate our anniversary – which was why we were in the “City of Love” to begin with. I remember the day, because it was pouring rain, I became disoriented and lost on my way back to the hotel from my class, and was running very late. Despite the fact that I needed to get ready for our special evening in a quick fashion, while my husband anxiously awaited for me to be ready, I had one saving grace – a single leftover slice of this tart for him to eat while he waited. Needless to say, it was so good that he appreciated every bite, and we made it to our reservation on time. Read more.

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