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Secret Chili Recipe – One of the Reasons My Hubby Married Me

by Baccarossa on 08/23/13

Secret Chili Recipe – One of the Reasons My Hubby Married Me
By Jen Sommerness

You can feel fall is in the air, as kids go back to school, leaves begin to turn colors in many places in the U.S., and the air turns wonderfully crisp in the evenings…if not all day. Living in Minnesota, fall was my absolute favorite time of year. In large part due to time spent in the kitchen on weekends, making things that can simmer slowly all day while multitasking doing things like raking fallen leaves or preparing the yard for the snow that is surely going to come before long.

My husband and I got married in October, nearly 20 years ago now. We chose this time of year because of our love the fall colors, the cool breezes, the light that the fall Midwest sun brings, and the foods that are comforting that go hand and hand with the season.

One of the reasons he married me, he claims still to this day, is my secret chili recipe. I know that he said this at first in jest, but to be honest, as I have made this and tweaked it over the years I think that sentiment holds a definite grain of truth. Even now, my three boys love when I say I am making chili, partly due to how it tastes, and partly due to the excitement it brings as for each batch I divulge one of my secret ingredients. It engages them in the process, as they watch me put the secret ingredient of the day into the pot, and they try to sneak a peek at other secret ingredients too. By the time they go off on their way to college or beyond, my hope is that they will have watched with a close eye how to make the perfect batch themselves, and have an unbelievable recipe to share with their families one day.

I am going to share the ingredients with you, but not the measurements of everything. I do this purposely, so that you can develop your own flavors that you like, and I can keep part of the secret a mystery. ;)  Read more.

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