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Moroccan Preserved Lemons By Jen Sommerness

by Baccarossa on 01/10/13

Moroccan Preserved Lemons By Jen Sommerness

Preserved lemons are something I have on hand at all times. They are one of those ingredients that I have come to expect be there when I open the doors of my refrigerator, ready and waiting to be added as the perfect little something to many dishes I love to make. When I find I have run out, it is bit unnerving, similar to finding you are out of vanilla in the middle of making chocolate chip cookies.

Although these days you can run out and get them the moment you need them from many specialty stores and some supermarkets, the homemade version is far superior, and so easy to make that you should just commit to making them yourself. The most difficult part to making them is being patient and waiting for them to be ready to use, as they need to cure. Like fine wine, I think you will agree after trying these that it is well worth the wait. Read more.

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1. KSK said on 1/10/13 - 01:16PM
I have been the grateful recipient of dishes prepared with Jen's preserved lemons and, I promise, your world will never be the same.
2. Rhonda said on 1/10/13 - 03:45PM
Is it safe to assume that you wash off the salt before you use them?
3. Jen Sommerness said on 1/11/13 - 12:11PM
KSK - you are too kind! ;) Now that you have the recipe, I fully anticipate wonders coming from your kitchen!
4. Jen Sommerness said on 1/11/13 - 12:21PM
Rhonda, You actually don't need to wash off the salt before use. After it sits for the time curing, the salt and juice combine to make a lovely combination. You can even use the juice that the lemons are submerged in as an ingredient in salad dressing, whisk in olive oil, some freshly grated pepper - and you are all set! Also, I should note that usually the recipes call for just the peel of the lemon. You remove the pulp and discard them. The pulp is where the intense saltiness resides. However, there are a few recipes, which I will share here, that use the entire lemon as well, and if you like the intense saltiness of the pulp, you can add it to foods that call for lemon and salt. It intensifies the flavor immensely. Stay tuned! ;) Thanks for the question!
5. mary said on 1/18/13 - 01:08PM
I can't wait to try these!

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