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Grilled Chimayo-Chili-Rubbed Filet for Father's Day, by Jen Sommerness

by Baccarossa on 06/16/17

A Father’s Day Feast! Grilled Chimayo Chile-Rubbed Filet Mignon with Serrano Mayonnaise, Roasted Garlic Potato Pancakes and Warm Arugula and Tomato Salad

Father’s Day is this weekend, and it is time to get grilling! Of course, we women can make this for our mothers as well, but when I was thinking of something special to post about in honor of Father’s Day, I had forefront in my mind the territory that either gender would feel comfortable trying...the grill.

In my house, I have taken over much of the grilling, but that is mainly because I have come to understand that I am a bit of a control freak in the kitchen. My husband loves to grill, and is very accomplished in his own right. This recipe would be the perfect thing for his special day – and I and my 3 boys will give it a try. I can see it now…he's sitting back, drinking a glass of red wine, and relaxing while he waits for it all to come together.

I am going to give you the recipes for all of the components of this meal. That way, you can choose how much you are able to tackle for your special dinner. Much of this can and should be prepared ahead, so even if you choose to do it all, you will also be able to enjoy the time relaxing before dinner together. It is simple and delicious.

The true star of this dish is the Serrano mayonnaise paired with the Chimayo chile-rubbed filet mignon. If you think it is ludicrous to top a perfectly grilled steak with anything at all…this creamy sauce is going to make you reconsider. Chimayo chile powder has a very mild and subtle flavor. When it is paired with the slight kick from the Serrano and the tang of the citrus, it is absolutely fantastic.  (Read more)

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