Our Baccarossa Wine Club is a no purchase required wine club.

In Spring and Fall, we'll email you an offer to purchase a selection of our wines at a discounted price. If you're interested, click the buy now link in the email. 
If not, just delete the email. It's that simple!

 Note: We do not sell or give out your information.
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Baccarossa Wine Club FAQ

1. If I order the selection am I signing up for future orders?

Our wine club is a no-purchase-required wine club. We put together a selection of wine in the spring and fall and offer it to our Baccarossa Wine Club email list.  If you like the selection, place an order. If you're not interested this time, that's fine too.

2. Is shipping included on the Wine Club Selection?

Usually yes. Each offering will specify if shipping is included or extra. If you are local, we will often deliver directly to you, ensuring safe and on-time delivery.

3. Do you store credit card information?

We do not collect any credit card information. When you purchase on our wesbite, the transaction goes directly through PayPal. Essentially, you pay PayPal and PayPal pays us. Your financial information stays secure.

4. Do I have to have a PayPal account to purchase wine?

You don't need a PayPal account. You can pay with your VISA, MasterCard or Amex. PayPal securely manages the transaction.

5. What is the Baccarossa privacy policy?

Personal Data We Collect
For the Baccarossa Wine Club we collect only your name and email address, so we can email wine offerings and event information. We use MailChimp for our email processor. For wine purchases we collect your name, email address and physical address. We use PayPal to process all payments and Baccarossa does not collect any credit card information.

Disclosure of Personal Data
​Baccarossa does not sell or disclose any Personal Data.

Request to Delete Personal Data
If you would like Baccarossa to delete your personal data you can email us or simply click on Unsubscribe on any of our emails.

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