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Jim Schwabe, Founder and Winemaker

Doug Aumack, Founder and Winemaker

Jennifer Sommerness, Baccarossa Chef.

Jen's love of creating food developed through private classes, reading and cooking her way through increasingly challenging recipes from around the world. She loves the ease of producing fabulous food quickly, based on an understanding of how ingredients, layering of flavors and use of basic techniques play together to make a delicious whole. 
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Special thanks to our significant others, kids and friends who have encouraged us, and helped in so many other ways.  
We really appreciate it!

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Baccarossa means Red Berry in Italian, and celebrates our love for wine. We strive to make delicious wine using traditional techniques, minimal additions, and oak barrel aging. With an annual volume of only about 200 cases, we are very attentive to the winemaking process, and our wine can be somewhat hard to find. We sell to local wine bars and on-line directly to you (California residents only).

We work directly with select vineyards in Northern California, sourcing premium quality grapes to handcraft wine in small lots. Our red wines are aged in American and French oak barrels. Our wines are not filtered, to bring out the most natural flavor true to the terroir of the grapes.

Baccarossa Winery is located in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains AVA. We do not have a tasting room, and are not open to the public.
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Baccarossa.    Los Gatos, California
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Jim and Doug started making amateur wines in the philosophy of the Garage Wines, focusing on creating distinctive red wines. Starting out with a few friends they bought some Cabernet grapes from a local vineyard. Their first amateur vintage won a silver medal at the Orange County Fair Wine Competition. Over the years, they honed their skills and launched this professional winery in 2009. Now owned and operated by Jim, Baccarossa continues to make a variety of delicious wines.